2017-07-13 / Letters to the Editor

Trash service not paying off in Markey

I hope the new trash contract was worth it for Markey Township because it sure isn’t paying off for its residents, property owners, resorts, rentals, small businesses or the environment. The blue bin system is a complete failure so far. I say so far, because I hope someone realizes that it can be improved.

First of all, thanks for the “free” blue bins that were randomly strewn across properties. Some, in fact, are still in their original delivery destination, the ditch. I finally escape the orange barrel barrage on the highway only to be welcomed by blue barrels littered about the roadside. The wildlife especially thanks you.

Second, thank you for the incredibly small and almost useless recycle bin. We usually fill the bin on day one. Oh yeah, did I mention it gets picked up every other week. Can I have 13 more please? You have effectively discouraged recycling. The environment and landfills thank you. Instead of the 13, please send me a second larger bin to house my overflow as I no longer recycle.

Finally, when a holiday week occurs, there should be a plan to insure that all trash is picked up. Simply increase the number of trucks or frequency so that all trash is removed that day. You have failed on this front on both Memorial and Independence Day pick up weeks. Overflow trash has sat roadside Friday through Monday. I sincerely hope you have learned your lesson for Labor Day.

I understand the push to use the bin system, it saves time/labor. In fact, the bin system works in the right community, but usually not in a resort area. We are stuck with more litter, less safety, more labor, less recycling and more headache.

Matt Rama

Houghton Lake

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