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TUT kicks off with fun

While festival fun is still a week away, the tomfoolery of Tip-up Town, U.S.A., began last Saturday night.

A large crowd at the Houghton Lake Historical Playhouse wit­nessed some twists and turns in the race for mayor and marshal as the identity of “Matt Dillon Jr.” was revealed. After sending letters to the Houghton Lake Chamber of Commerce saying he was inter­ested in running, Dillon (also known as Darrell “Double D” La­Paugh) showed up and threw his hat into the ring along with that of his running mate, “Bobcat” Chris Sura.

Also running for TUT mayor and marshal as Gold Fish Party candidates were “Mountain Climber” Marc Milburn and “Buffalo Hunter” Bruce “Buck” Olson. The pair read a poem about TUT, penned by Milburn, prior to the announcement that Dillon had en­tered the building and announced his candidacy for marshal.

Following the Gold Fish Party candidates’ poem and Dillon’s skit – Sura told the crowd they were presenting the People Having Fun Party – some serious voting took place.

In the end, “Matt Dillon Jr.” and “Bobcat Chris” won the vote to serve as TUT ambassadors.

Some other highlights of the evening included the recognition of Sue Jacobs as the 2018 TUT Grand Marshal and the introduction of former POW Jim Nielsen, 84, as this year’s “Hometown Hero” as well as a presentation of a donation by 2017 TUT Queen Taylar Akin to the Houghton Lake Lions Club and the introduction of this year’s queen candidates Stephanie Eckstorm, Keeley Woods and Kat Haser.

And, sticking to the “country western” theme, Chris DeBaeke of Triple D Ranch brought a special guest in his Brahman steer “Boom­er.”

In the end, the TUT Kick-off was exactly what it should be – fun. That’s what those who founded the festival nearly 70 years ago envisioned.

So, in the spirit of Tip-up Town, we thought we would share “Tip- up Town, USA, has it all!” which was written by Milburn earlier this month on occasion of his candidacy for mayor of TUT.

Tip-up Town, USA in Houghton Lake, Michigan, it has it all!
especially the ice fishing contest which all say’s a ball.

Polar bear dipping, the water, yes it’s cold
but never hesitate, really, you’re just not too old.

The warm family fun tent, the crowd can go wild
just please don’t forget your family, especially your child.

The petting zoo’s friendly, the animals are nice
but your feet, most certainly, may get cold as the ice.

Enjoy redneck horseshoes, they’re surprisingly hard
as they’re cold and they’re awkward and slippery like lard.

The pie eating contest, the taste, yes is good
but not like you thought or thought like you should.

The Tip-up Town medallion, it’s so hard to find
but surprisingly not too bad, if you’ve the mind.

Ice sculptures by Seiler, Stuck, Kristoff and Bell are made offresh snow
if your sculpture wins 1st place, you may get some dough.

Egg tossing contest, your egg cannot drop
or get hit in the face by your egg with a “pop.”

The family fun carnival rides, the lines can get long
and a local favorite, the coaster named Kong.

The teetering Ferris wheel gets higher than you think
so purchase your badge or be tossed in the clink.

The fireworks show, they light up the sky
you’ll be amazed with your family and the sighs of “Oh my.”

Snowmobile drag races, they’re really a gas
for once they get started they really go fast.

The adult beverage tent, it is fun, and it’s loud
and yes it is noisy, and yes, what a crowd.

The super slide’s slippery and smooth as ice glass
so make a face when you’re sliding and slide down with someclass.

So in memory of Tommy Durden and Frank Thibert who sang solong
here’s a poem we think, they would put into song.

For Tip-up Town, USA in Houghton Lake, Michigan, it has it all
and we believe this year, like those in the past, you’ll have a ball!

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