2018-01-11 / Editorial

The many shades of me even includes color

My Thoughts
By Krista Tacey-CaterIT

I did something last week that rarely happens and it actually made me second guess myself. I bought a shirt that wasn’t gray or black.

There was a reason though. I didn’t go into the store thinking I’m going to deviate from my normal dark side of the spectrum attire. The rainbow is not how I roll when it comes to shirts.

I entered the dressing room with five or six black shirts tried them all on and found one that I really wanted. It was a black long textured super soft sweater but it was too big.

I went back to grab another size to find there wasn’t a black or gray in the size I wanted. At that point I had two options – get the super huge sweater or pick an actual color. I was close to not getting the shirt but I decided that I liked it too much to not get it. That is when I decided to go with red, yes RED!

RED, no way, I never wear red, but yes red!

In general my shopping rule has been if it’s not gray or black, I put it back. My closet reflects this idea as a majority of it is filled with black and gray with glimpses of olive green, dark ma­roon and other colors sprinkled in here and there.

I will wear crazy patterned leggings and shoes (even flats with small pandas) but for the most part my shirts are dark with the exception of some summer shirts that are yellow, orange and green.

Yes, it’s true my style could be best described as inky or cloudy, but I choose to surround my­self in a house that resembles a crayon box.

I don’t hate color. My favorite color is yellow and my house is painted to reflect my love for color. My room is blue, chocolate brown and steel gray. The living room is antique red and cream and my kitchen is pumpkin orange with fall decorations all year. I can’t get any more colorful than fall.

My son’s room is secondary green, the bath­room is saddle brown and my sunroom is spring green and white. My entry way has a purple closet and door, so pretty much the entire spec­trum is represented in my house. I read this and it sounds like my house is an HGTV designer’s nightmare.

I cannot understand people who paint their homes in white or have trouble choosing be­tween different whites.

“I don’t know, dear, eggshell white, ultra white, off white or cream,” I imagine is how some choose their living room paint.

I say go make ROY G. BIV proud, surround yourself in color, but choose to mute your clothes if you like.

People have taken notice of my opposite of white attire.

I think the following quote which a friend had sent to me a few years ago best describes my situation... “She always wears black but she has the most colorful mind.”

I think it suits me well. Pun intended.

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