2018-01-11 / Letters to the Editor

Hopeful ‘Clyde ‘Chubby’ Horace’ will make TUT appearance

There is always a lot of “tom­foolery” at the Tip-up Town kickoff, but this year there really was a lot of bull! He was huge! Many people had their picture taken with the creature. I didn’t have the opportu­nity to tell parents there would be no slide to Lake James this year. I am nearly 92, and Solomon might have said, “there is a time to play in the snow and a time to play in the barn.” I have spent many hours constructing a life-sized horse of papier-mâché, using stacks of old Resorters and many pounds of flour. Hopefully Clyde “Chubby” Horace (that’s his name) will show up at the TUT Parade. If he could talk, I think he might say, “My ears are long, but time is short, so make sure you are on the trail that leads to the ‘Promised Land.’”

Parker Seiler


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