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Creature of habit? Consider your routine

My Thoughts
By Krista Tacey-Cater

Every day my morning routine is exactly the same. I get up, shower, feed the dogs, get breakfast for my son, get myself ready, warm the car up if it’s cold, make my bed, dress my son, make tea, grab all my work things and run out the door in a hurry to get the day going.

If we are not in the car by 7:35 a.m., the whole morning is off schedule, which is not usually a huge deal unless I have a county commissioners meeting first thing in the morning. I’m sure Chairman Bob Schneider and the rest of the crew know exactly when my morning hasn’t worked like clockwork because I rush to my usual seat in a heaping mess.

It has occurred to me that pretty much everybody has the same routine and they stick to it by the minute. Timing is essential in our everyday lives and we live by the clock so much so that I can tell if I’m off schedule by just a few minutes. If the morning is off and I don’t stay on track, I miss seeing certain people and cars.

On the way to drop off my son at daycare I see the same man at the same spot walking his dog every morning. It looks like he is walking a little terrier who is about to take off at any second, but the man hangs on and they continue on.

When I arrive at daycare, depending on the day, I’m greeted by the same little girl who says “Hey, it’s Jack and Jack’s mom” and after saying goodbye to every kid there, I see the same two maintenance workers changing trash bags in town. When I get further into my drive I see the same two little boys (one much faster than the other) running down the street to get to school. I see the same crossing guard, a man generally bundled in a brown coat, ushering equally bundled up children in brightly colored hats across the street. I see the same teenage boy in a huge truck each morning wearing a hooded sweatshirt, with his long hair hanging from the headphones, that I’m sure he shouldn’t be wearing while he is driving. I see the same mom in a huge white SUV wearing giant-framed sunglasses, sipping from a mug with her wild messy bun flopping around as she looks in the mirror to talk to the brood of kids in the back seats. I know exactly how she feels.

When I hit US-127, I generally, but not always, see the same small black car with a Batman sticker and a blue and yellow equal trade sticker zooming past in a hurry right around Harrison.

There was a time when I would see the same Michigan State Police patrol vehicle at the emergency vehicle pull-off on US-127, but that stopped a while ago.

There is also this house that I look at every day, for whatever reason, that has wooden moose standing in a grassy space that I know will be there each day. If you know what moose I’m talking about on US-127 north, you know a few years ago right around Christmas time they put on a show for about a month. I will just mention that a baby wooden moose showed up a few days later boasting an American flag. I’m waiting for the day when my morning drive will include yet another small wooden moose standing in the mix of the others.

With every person in the world having a morning routine that is planned down to the second, I wonder if anyone notices me and I am part of their daily commute. If I got up and out the door even 15 minutes earlier, my morning routine would be much different and the people I see each day in the same spot wouldn’t be the same.

Should I try getting up earlier just to see? Probably not. Why would I get up any earlier than what I have to, it would mess up my whole day. I am a creature of habit, as are you.

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