2018-03-29 / Editorial

What is our purpose?

Does man have a purpose? From the news we tune into, one would wonder what in the world it might be! We shout, “O God, another one?”

Does man have a purpose? The media seems to tell us that man’s purpose is “progress.” “We need to progress.” But progress seems to have no termination. Progressives can’t tell us what the destination is!

We’re to have faith in progress, that’s all!

Medical progress has brought longer life. Though not with pain. It also killed untold millions last century. Do we have hope for this one? Progress is the mantra of our elites, even when we don’t know the destination. But progress has a negative side also. Nuclear weapons are one sword hanging over our heads. Progress’ negative side is always man’s drive for power no matter the cost to others! It is there in my own life. The Holy Spirit has to curb it in me. It is the inheritance from the garden. But what is man’s chief purpose?

The Westminster Catechism answers with: “Man’s chief and highest end is to glorify God and fully enjoy Him forever.”

Because truths are forgotten or brushed aside does not make them any less true!

Dick Duprey

Higgins Lake

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